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Wise words from the Resource Association

Ray Georgeson, the Resource Association’s chief executive has called for Prime Minister, David Cameron to take his ‘blue-collar’ Conservatism and transform it into ‘green-collar’ Conservatism.

Speaking at the association’s annual meeting on Tuesday 19th May, Mr Georgeson said: “The Prime Minister turned heads with his statement at the first Cabinet meeting of the new Government about embracing blue-collar Conservatism.

“We urge him to take this a stage further and rediscover his former zeal for environmental matters, but much more than simply environment, to turn his attention to green economic matters as well as turn his vision into one that we can call ‘green-collar’ Conservatism.”

He added: “The opportunities are there, the prizes are great and we stand ready to respond with energy and investment to deliver much more ambitious resources and circular economy strategies if the Government is brave enough to lead the way.”

We couldn’t agree more and it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months. Ours is an industry full of opportunity and we hope that these calls to action are noted and acted on in order to expand the UK’s circular economy, boost the industry’s job creation and deliver a greater value from our resources.