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Warning over waste crime

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the good nature of many individuals and businesses, it has also highlighted those who have exploited the national crisis.  

Indeed, the Environment Agency has called on land and property owners to be on alert for any suspicious activity by waste criminals looking to offer ‘storage services’ in exchange for cash or making empty promises to return and remove illegally dumped waste.  

The Environment Agency has urged waste operators and the general public to be extra vigilant and have encouraged landowners to ensure their sites are secure, as they could unknowingly become the victims of waste crime. Should waste be dumped illegally, the owner of the land on which material is deposited could be held liable for prosecution and tasked with the financial responsibility to remove the waste. 

Georgina Cullen oCasepak, said: “It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that waste and recycling is always disposed of correctly and safely. Far too often we are seeing instances of waste being dumped illegally, ruining not only the environment but also people’s reputations. Not only that but it can also create a negative perception of the waste sector and reputable firms operating within it.  

“At Casepak we are proud to operate a fully comprehensive procedure with legislation, documentation and checks in place every step of the way. 

“We understand the issue of waste crime, so it’s vitally important that more people are aware of it and are encouraged to speak up if they feel something is not right.”