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It might be raining outside … but I’m basking in a winning glow

When we won the Leicestershire Business of the Year Award, I hadn’t quite realised the magnitude of our success. Yesterday I attended a Leicestershire Networking business breakfast to discuss the success of the Awards, how they could be developed, and what people needed to do to be winners. It was a good feeling to be sitting there on the top table as the current winner, but I must admit that I was quite surprised to hear that we’d beat 100 other companies to the poll position. Go Casepak!

Sitting there, listening to the judging panel speak, it certainly brought home to me how important it is that we promote our win in order to get the maximum marketing benefit from it. We are currently in the process of introducing a new mixed recycling collection service specifically for local businesses (which we affectionately call the Milk Round) it’s perfect timing for a bit of local promotion!

Winning the award has been great for us, but when someone asked me if we’d automatically enter next year, I’d have to say no, not unless we have a great story to tell. If we were to enter with a second rate story, I doubt we’d win – and we also might distract the judges from focusing on those entries that really deserved their attention (although I doubt it – they’re a canny lot).