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Upgrades improve efficiency at our collections and processing facility

Casepak has invested more than £300,000.00 in new processing and health and safety equipment at our Enderby-based Collections and Processing Facility.

To cope with the huge amount of material our site processes on a daily basis, we’ve installed a new Lyndex paper conditioner. This equipment provides a seamless link with the existing Lyndex baler allowing optimum efficiency and performance.  The new paper conditioner will also provide greater throughput and feedback on real time data, so we can see exactly how much material is being processed.

The data collected will also allow our management team to review and breakdown trends in performance, with the aim of creating more streamlined operations.

Additionally, we’ve worked with long-standing partners Okay Engineering and Lyndex to develop a bespoke conveyor system capable of recognising the load weights on each belt, so the machine can adjust its speed accordingly to achieve maximum throughput. We have also installed an additional belt to spread the load evenly across the new paper conditioner.

The health and safety of our staff is always top of the agenda at both facilities, and we employ every possible measure to mitigate risk. As part of the upgrades at Enderby, a new spark arrest system has been installed. This Grecon Systems technology will detect sparks and extinguish them before a fire can be started. In addition, the installation of a Tecident safety belt interlock system will further ensure the safety of our staff. The safety belt has the ability to shut down the plant if it detects anyone stepping onto the belt without the correct isolation.

As a result of the equipment upgrades, we have already seen efficiency and productivity increase all round. Bale weights have grown by 10% which means transportation, fuel costs and Casepak’s carbon footprint are all reduced.

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