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First UK MRF to sort highly compacted material opens

Casepak has opened its £21 million materials recycling facility (MRF) which is the first in the UK to incorporate a specialist screen to recognise and separate the highly compacted plastic and metal food packaging found in household recycling collections.

Centrally located in Leicester, the new Casepak MRF sorts and separates dry mixed recyclables at 26 tonnes per hour and has an annual process capacity of 150,000 tonnes per annum.

The system has been designed to capture a minimum of 95 per cent of the materials processed as a resource while maximising the purity levels of the end product.

The MRF has three key features which will deliver these purity levels, ensuring the end materials reach the quality standards requested by reprocessors: a 50-100 mm bypass screen which recognises and separates highly compacted materials; a de-inking screen which recognises and separates fibre grades; and the capability to increase manual intervention and quality inspections at key stages, over and the above the industry standard dependant on the material delivered.

Commenting on the MRF’s launch, Kevin Thomas, Director – MRF Operations, said: “This is a landmark day for Casepak. Our new MRF is completely bespoke in design and has been developed to meet the demands of changing collection systems at the same time ensuring we produce a quality end product.

“This is not a waste treatment facility – it’s a production process for essential materials and, as with any production process, quality is the key. Our system is based on a combination of robust screen and optical sorting technology to achieve the best possible quality output.

“Our 50-100mm bypass screen also sets us apart, he said. “We are the first MRF to import this technology from the USA. It ensures that items such as small plastic bottles and yoghurt pots that are easily squashed during the collection process are identified and separated, ensuring that they are recovered and retain their resource value. ”

The Casepak MRF has already won contracts to process materials from Blaby District Council, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council and Rutland County Council.