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Testing, testing

It’s a busy week here at the Casepak Materials Recycling Facility as we prepare for our final performance tests next week. Although we’re confident of an excellent outcome as we’ve been inspecting, monitoring and adjusting performance since we went live in September, it doesn’t do to be complacent.

At Casepak our continuous focus on quality makes these tests all the more important. The results will provide the assurance that our system can not only process 150,000 tonnes of recovered materials at 26 tonnes per hour, but provide excellent quality materials which are in demand from reprocessors.
The performance tests will also highlight our balance between technology and the minimum of manual intervention. Our facility allows us to alter the number of manual interventions required to deliver the optimum resource quality at the maximum cost efficiency. Building in this degree of flexibility from the outset may sound idealistic – and you certainly have to be organised to get the best out of it – but it really makes a difference in terms of costs and quality outputs. I believe that this is a significant breakthrough for British MRF infrastructure and I am looking forward to seeing the performance results of this particular aspect.