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Should primary school children learn about sustainability? Yes, they should!

A new study commissioned as part of Bristol’s year as the European Green Capital, asked 316 primary school teachers whether they believe their pupils should learn about the effects of climate change. As many as 92 per cent said they should, but 73 per cent believe they do not currently have the right resources to teach about sustainability in the classroom.

In 2013, the curriculum changed which meant that primary schools no longer had to teach pupils about climate change, undermining the importance of creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

Campaigning for more education about sustainability, Jonathon Porritt, founder of Forum for the Future, said: “Both in the UK and internationally, it’s crucial that governments act now to avoid a dangerous rise in global temperature. The starting point should be engaging the next generation.”

Primary schools need to play a proactive part in creating a generation that is conscious and knowledgeable about sustainability. At Casepak, we firmly believe in the education of young people. Indeed, there are many ways to engage primary pupils, including workshops, facility visits at home projects and quizzes. Furthermore, by discussing the effects of global warming within a classroom, young people are more likely to take note of what they can do to help reduce their carbon footprint in the future.