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Say no to nappy contamination!

After a busy December the Casepak MRF team is getting into the swing of 2019. Last month saw an increase in surplus material at the MRF (which is usually the case at that time of year) which, unfortunately, included some unwanted material in the form of used nappies.  

Nappies in the recycling stream is an issue not just for Casepak, but for the recycling industry as a whole.  Indeed, just one nappy can contaminate a whole container load of material and result in it being returned to a local authority. Nappy contamination also has an impact on end quality and sale of materials.  

Whilst there is more widely-available information about real (reusable) nappies and their benefits to the environment, 4,000 nappies were recently removed from the recycling stream during just one shift at the MRF.  

To counteract this, Casepak trailed a series of ‘waste audit days’ for material from each council to highlight the impact nappies were having on end material. This was such a valuable initiative as it allowed us to see where there were problems, and work with councils to inform and educate residents about their recycling habits.  

We encourage everyone to think before they throw items away – used nappies or packaging that still contains food or drink has the ability to contaminate a whole load of clean, recyclable material.  By making sure the right material enters the recycling stream, helps us all to close the loop and get the best out of the material.  

For Leicester residents (excluding Leicester City) click here to find out more about trialing a reusable nappy kit free of charge –