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Rutland visit to MRF

Rutland councillors and residents visit Casepak MRF for behind the scenes tour

Casepak recently welcomed a group of councillors and residents from Rutland County Council to the MRF so they could get an insight into what happens to their recycling once it enters the facility.  

Casepak has been working with Rutland County Council since 2017 delivering quality recycling services. 4,000 tonnes of recycling from Rutland is collected and sent to the MRF every year, and the council has a current recycling rate of 57.8%. The group learnt where bottles, cans, packets and cartons disposed of by residents in their grey recycling bins go, and how material is sorted before being baled and sent to re-processors to re-enter the manufacturing process to be made into new products.   

Rutland County Council has a target to reduce household waste and increase recycling rates and aims to end its use of single-use plastics, such as straws and cups, in 2019.  

Councillor Gordon Brown visited the MRF and said: “Recycling is hugely important for the environment – we want to be a ‘green’ county in every sense and protect what we have for future generations.” 

Council Leader Oliver Hemsley, portfolio holder for Waste Management, Cllr Gordon Brown, and Ward Member for Cottesmore Cllr Richard Foster were joined by residents with a keen interest in recycling and protecting the environment to tour the Casepak facility. 

The visit was also a good opportunity for Casepak to reiterate the golden rules of recycling. Rutland residents were urged to ensure that material is clean and dry before being placed in the recycling bin. In addition, they were reminded of the importance of material being put in the bin loose and not in plastic carrier bags. Plastic film from carrier bags can damage equipment, contaminate other material and cause disruption and delays to the recycling process.  

Lee Bradbury, the MRF’s Operations Manager, said: “We were delighted to welcome Rutland councillors and residents to visit our MRF. It was a great opportunity for them to see behind the scenes, and everyone was particularity interested in what happens to the material once it arrives here. We hope the visit will encourage everyone to recycle as much as they can to help reach the council’s recycling targets.”   

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