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Recycle Week 2018 has landed!

This year’s Recycle Week runs from 24th – 30th September. Organised by WRAP and now in its 15th year, Recycle Week aims to highlight the importance of recycling and help encourage people to recycle more and become more recycling-savvy by changing behaviors.

There is no doubt that plastic pollution has been in the spotlight in recent months as a result of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and the fantastic efforts of everyone involved in the ‘2 minute beach clean’ initiative. This year’s Recycle Week campaign focuses on plastic, with the theme ‘Recycling. We do. Because it matters.’

Recycle Week not only demonstrates the benefits of recycling items from around the home to the public, but it also reiterates the importance to government and sector influencers.

Understandably, leaving the EU is dominating the government’s agenda. It is imperative that establishing a post-Brexit framework for the resources sector does not go neglected. Sector professionals and the government need to keep their eyes on the prize of recycling to ensure we have the best possible technology available to achieve a circular economy and make the best possible use of scarce resources.

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