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Casepak Materials Recycling Facility

Co-mingled collections can only deliver good quality recycled resources if they are processed at an efficient Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).

The Casepak MRF meets and exceeds MRF Code of Practice requirements and produces TEEP compliant outputs, making it the ideal sorting and segregation destination for both local authority and commercial dry mixed recyclables. Located in Leicester with quick road links to the M1, the MRF incorporates advanced materials sorting technologies and is backed by our comprehensive quality grading and reporting system.

Working in partnership with local authority and commercial organisations nationwide, the MRF recovers at least 95% of material processed, maximising the quality and value of material outputs from dry mixed recycling schemes.

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Recyclable materials

The Casepak Materials Recycling Facility processes the following recyclable materials:

Managing your materials

Through our recycling and waste management programmes, we’ll help you to develop recycling collection methods and behaviour changes that ensure your recyclable materials meet reprocessor quality standards. We’ll work with you to avoid contamination and make recommendations on storage.

The MRF has large pre and post-treatment storage areas. This gives you additional flexibility to manage fluctuating amounts of recyclable materials from kerbside collections.

Working together, we’ll minimise waste, optimise collections, and maximise the value of your recyclable materials.


Recycling process

Our process maximises the value of your materials while securing sustainable, fully traceable outlets.

To do this, we ensure that our material outputs always conform to reprocessor quality standards, are traded and shipped in accordance with national and international regulations, and prioritise circular solutions over other forms of recycling.

We understand the fluctuating market dynamics and foster close partnerships with both suppliers and buyers of resources. This ensures that your material is always used in the optimum way. Wherever possible, we support home markets while ensuring that the price and value is competitive.

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Material destinations

Recycled material outputs from the Casepak MRF are supplied to a range of reprocessers, predominantly in the UK but also worldwide.

Our recovered paper is used by paper mills across the UK, Europe and Asia. Plastic grades are primarily marketed to UK reprocessors, although some films are exported to Asia. Glass and aluminium are also marketed mainly in the UK, while steel cans and light ferrous is traded in the UK and across Europe.

Where possible any residual waste is supplied to energy recovery outlets.

For more information on materials trading and export, please visit our partner company Oceala.



We rigorously analyse and report on all materials processed at the MRF. Our reporting system exceeds the MRF Code of Practice requirements and includes the monthly analysis of client input materials and the resulting outputs. These reports form the basis of our partnership approach to continuous recycling improvement.

Reports are prepared in a standard, easy to read format and can be amended to meet customer requirements. They are available in print, email and online formats.


Account management

Customer service is at the heart of Casepak’s recycling services.

All clients have a dedicated account support team led by an account manager who ensures that the recycling service is responsive, timely, professional and personable.

At Casepak we understand that waste management and recycling services need to adapt to changing timetables and circumstances. When you’ve got an extra load of recyclable materials to process or need additional storage space, your Casepak account manager will provide a solution.