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Is it time to refresh your bathroom recycling routine?

Did you know that your bathroom is a a treasure trove of recyclable items? However according to research from bathroom retailer Tap Warehouse, only 50% of bathroom waste is recycled!

Indeed, Tap Warehouse’s research calculated that the average Brit uses more than 52,000 bathroom products in their lifetime, weighing a grand total of 512 kilograms. If only half of this is recycled, a whopping 30-40% of material per Brit is sent to landfill.

Recycling at home, especially in the bathroom, need not be an arduous task. Here are some simple tips to help you turn your bathroom into a recycling haven:

· Rinse out any bottles and jars and leave them to dry before putting the lid back on and placing them in the recycling – this goes for any shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser bottles.

· No to nappies! Used nappies cause problems with contamination with mixed recycling by compromising the quality of otherwise perfectly good materials – please remember to place nappies in the bin. The same applies to baby wipes, make up wipes and wet wipes.

· Toothpaste tubes are generally difficult to recycle because of contamination, but their cardboard boxes can be recycled.

· Cardboard toilet roll tubes (without any paper) are one of the easiest products to recycle. But if you’re not quite ready to part ways with your toilet roll tube they also make great additions to kids’ arts and crafts activities. Toilet roll sheep anyone?

· Liquid soap bottles – rinse out and leave to dry then they’re good to go and remember to put the pump in the waste bin.

· Deodorant aerosols can be recycled once totally empty.

· Why not place a small bag on the back of your bathroom door for all your recyclables to serve as a reminder to recycle in your bathroom?

· If you’re still unsure, check the recycling information labelling on the product.

Our handy recycling guide provides householders with practical tips on recycling at home. Check it out here

Here’s to more bountiful bathroom recycling!