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Industry unites to crack down on waste crime

Last year Casepak welcomed a report set out by industry bodies titled ‘Rethinking Waste Crime’. Now the same group (made up of the Environmental Services Association, the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, and the United Resource Operations Consortium) has set out its recommendations to the Government to further strengthen regulations.  This includes stricter controls on the transport, disposal, buying and selling of waste.  

This marks another positive step in tackling the disruption waste crime has caused over the years to consumers and reputable waste management organisations alike.  

The ‘Rethinking Waste Crime’ report highlighted gaps in the current regime making the industry vulnerable to criminals. The new recommendations call for the Government to commit to implementing new proposals within the framework of the upcoming Resources and Waste Strategy. One of the significant recommendations is separating and replacing the regulatory requirements for carriers, brokers and dealers, with a tiered approach to each depending on the scale and nature of operations.  

Other proposals include:  

If successful, the implementation of these measures should make a positive difference to combating the problem of unscrupulous dealers who are likely to be put off by more stringent checks.  

Casepak operates a comprehensive procedure to ensure all materials we handle are accounted for from start to finish.  We understand first-hand, through our sister organisation Oceala, the impact on operations and reputation that illegal and fraudulent activity can cause.  

We are encouraged by our industry coming together and highlighting this issue to government.  

If you have been a victim of fraud, or suspect fraudulent activity please get in touch with Action Fraud –