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How does recycling fit into the circular economy?

Last week, the Environment Audit Committee issued a new report about the UK’s circular economy.

In Circular Economy: ending the throwaway society MPs make 19 recommendations on how we can change the way goods are consumed. These include:

Excellent suggestions which will all play a part in the UK becoming a more circular economy and positive steps in the right direction to lessen our reliance on disposable consumer goods.

The Committee also urged government to support EU proposals to increase recycling rates. Joan Walley, MP and Chair of the Committee, said: “It is possible to get recycling rates to nearly 70%, as other European countries and some UK councils have demonstrated. There is about 3% to 5% of waste that you cannot avoid landfilling at the moment, but with better product design even that might be eliminated.”

Each local authority operates differently. Some recycle plastics; others don’t. Some take textiles as part of kerbside collections; others have designated drop off points. It’s no wonder that communities and residents sometimes struggle to understand what materials they should be recycling.

At Casepak, it is standard practice to work closely with each of our local authority clients to ensure high standards are being maintained and best practice knowledge is shared with residents.

To streamline this process we would welcome new legislation which enforces standardised recycling collections (as Wales and Scotland have done).