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First plant delivery arrives at Casepak’s £21 million Leicester MRF

Casepak’s new Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) is beginning to take shape after having received its first plant delivery from the USA.Currently under construction in Leicester, this is the first of several deliveries due to arrive at the facility as the £21 million MRF nears completion. With the construction of the building envelope now finished, the facility is on track to become fully operational by September 2011.This week’s delivery saw the arrival of the facility’s specialist sorting equipment incorporating the latest plant developments from Bulk Handling Systems, of Eugene, USA. Other equipment delivered includes specialist screening for highly compacted materials; additional fibre screens to produce high quality newspapers and magazines; and dedicated optical sorting technology to produce a high quality mixed paper fraction.With a combination of automated technology and intensive manual quality control, Casepak’s MRF will be one of the most advanced facilities in the UK. It will sort mixed collections of paper, card, plastic, metal and glass and aims to recover 95 per cent of the material processed as a resource. Most of the recovered materials will also be sold to UK reprocessors for manufacture into new products and materials. Commenting on the recent delivery, Kevin Thomas, Director – MRF Operations said: “With the building envelope now complete, the site is taking great shape and most importantly without any delays. The equipment that has begun to arrive this week will be gradually installed during the summer alongside the remaining fit-out items to complete the site development.”

Once operational the new facility will initially require 50 employees, with the prospect of an additional 50 being needed as the volume of material sorted and processed increases. Casepak recently announced the launch of its recruitment campaign which is hoped will attract key employees to join the MRFs management team.Mark Smith, Joint Managing Director at Casepak said: “This is an exciting time for Casepak. With the first arrival of the plant deliveries we’re one step closer to the MRF reaching completion. Once the facility becomes fully operational it will more than double the quantity of material that Casepak can handle, as well as increase the number and type of materials that can be processed.In addition, the MRF will offer substantial pre- and post-treatment storage capacity, which will enable us to provide exceptional resource management flexibility for both the municipal and commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors. Providing additional capacity is essential if business and local communities are to increase household recycling rates above 50 per cent to meet existing legislation.Casepak was formed in 1973 as a family business. The company currently processes and sells 145,000 tonnes of paper, card and plastics each year at its Enderby facility. The volume and variety of materials processed will be greatly increased when the new MRF opens later this year, which will add a further 150,000 tonnes of processing capacity.