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Championing career achievements at Casepak!

There has been much to celebrate at the start of November, with two of Casepak’s team marking milestone employment anniversaries. Read more

Harnessing the power of plastics

To help households manage their plastic recycling as efficiently and effectively as possible, we’ve produced a few helpful tips Read more

Baking for cash! Team Casepak raises £1,000 for Macmillan

Team Casepak strapped on their aprons for a bake sale in aid of Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning 2018. Read more

Recycle Week 2018 has landed!

This year’s Recycle Week runs from 24th - 30th September.Read more

Industry unites to crack down on waste crime

Last year Casepak welcomed a report set out by industry bodies titled ‘Rethinking Waste Crime’. Read more

Ambitious report calls for UK to go beyond EU recycling targets

The National Infrastructure Commission has published its first National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA), a report which seeks to provide advice to Government on long-term infrastructure challenges over the coming decades. The report sets out a range of recommendations for the waste and recycling sector Read more

Strong secondary markets key to tackling gulf in plastic recycling

This month a report presented by the Resourcing the Futures Partnership has highlighted the crucial role that the UK's secondary commodities market can play in tackling the problem of plastic waste. Read more

The final straw

We have all seen the damage caused by plastic that ends up in our oceans, seas and rivers. It is reported that 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year, and as a result there have been calls for a worldwide crackdown on plastic pollution. Read more

Cracking on – the most environmentally friendly Easter egg packaging revealed!

As we gear up to the Easter celebrations, our thoughts (naturally) turn to chocolate Easter eggs. However as much as we love the chocolate, at Casepak we also think about the packaging surrounding many of our Easter treats. Read more

Working together for a more ‘plastic fantastic future’

Another week, another raft of plastics news hitting the headlines. This week saw Buckingham Place announce the Queen's plans to ban the use of plastic straws on all royal estates, in a move thought to be influenced by David Attenborough's documentary, Blue Planet II. Read more

Casepak welcomes the EU’s Plastics Strategy

Last week the European Union published its Plastics Strategy, in large part a response to China's recent decision to ban imports of low grade plastic waste. Read more

Confused about Christmas recycling collections?

At this time of year there are so many things to organise and think about. So in the lead up to the festive season, the Casepak MRF team thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide to help you understand items that our facility can and can't process, and some useful good practice tips. Read more

What will China’s ban mean for the industry?

Earlier this year, China shocked the industry with the news that it planned to introduce tougher waste import controls, including a ban on 24 kinds of solid waste such as plastics , unsorted waste paper and waste textiles materials. Read more

Has the meaning of recycling been forgotten?

Let's celebrate the great achievements the UK's recycling industry has achieved so far, and work hard to continue these efforts! Read more

Waste crime: If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is

Waste crime costs the waste industry and taxpayers £604 million a year, according to a report by the Environment Services Association Educational Trust (ESAET) and Environmental Services Association (ESA). Read more

How far off reality is AI for the waste and recycling industry?

A recent report by auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has claimed that nearly a third of existing British jobs are at risk of being taken over by robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) within 15 years. Read more

Upgrades improve efficiency at our collections and processing facility

Casepak has invested more than £300,000.00 in new processing and health and safety equipment at our Enderby-based Collections and Processing Facility. Read more

There’s a strong case to keep recycling targets, post-Brexit

Since the UK’s vote to leave the European Union back in June 2016, many of us in the waste and recycling sector have been eagerly and anxiously awaiting some firm statements from Government about the role that our industry will play in a post-Brexit economy. Read more

Casepak welcomes Government’s industrial strategy

The Prime Minister recently launched the Government’s Green Paper ‘Building Our Industrial Strategy’, which sets out a series of proposals to develop a modern industrial strategy that will “deliver long-term, sustainable success” for the UK’s economy and society. Read more

Battle of the Bakers for Macmillan!

The Casepak team were delighted to raise £700 at two Macmillan Coffee Mornings. One coffee morning took place on Friday 30th September at Casepak’s headquarters in Enderby, where £197.48 was raised. The second coffee morning was held at Casepak’s MRF on Friday 7th October and raised £346.36. Casepak’s Senior Management Team donated extra funds, rounding the total up to £700. Read more

Bonnets off to Easter fun at Casepak!

Easter 2016 saw staff at Casepak display their creativity with our annual competition... Read more

Casepak passes latest MRF Code audit!

We recently had our Environment Agency MRF Code audit at Casepak, and passed with flying colours! Read more

Casepak’s creative Christmas competition

Casepak held its annual creative Christmas challenge last week. This time around staff members’ little ones were invited to design a Christmas decoration using recycled materials. Read more

Should primary school children learn about sustainability? Yes, they should!

A new study commissioned as part of Bristol’s year as the European Green Capital, asked 316 primary school teachers whether they believe their pupils should learn about the effects of climate change. As many as 92 per cent said they should, but 73 per cent believe they do not currently have the right resources to teach about sustainability in the classroom. Read more

November 2015 spending review

George Osborne’s spending review could potentially be a great help to the waste and recycling industry. Read more

Casepak driver who goes the extra mile

Last month while out on the road, Casepak driver Neil Carver witnessed a car accident on the M1 when two cars collided. Read more

Celebrating a quarter of a century of service

Last week one of our employees, Wayne Macken celebrated 25 years of loyal service at Casepak. Read more

It’s the Casepak recycle-off – spooktacular decorations galore!

In the spirit of Halloween, Casepak held a competition and challenged staff to see who could create the best Halloween decorations made by recycling everyday household items. Read more

New CIWM president outlines key themes

The new Chartered Institution for Wastes Management (CIWM) president, Jim Baird used his inauguration earlier this month to outline a number of themes for his presidential year. Read more

Blaby village gets set to recognise its stars

For the eleventh year, one of Casepak’s partner councils, Blaby District is holding its Outstanding Achievement Awards. This year the awards take place on Thursday 1st October and Casepak is proud to be the main sponsor. Read more

Wise words from the Resource Association

Ray Georgeson, the Resource Association’s chief executive has called for Prime Minister, David Cameron to take his ‘blue-collar’ Conservatism and transform it into ‘green-collar’ Conservatism. Read more

The great Casepak bake-off

Easter 2015 saw the Casepak team put their baking skills to the test for the Easter bake-off competition. Read more

New year … new ‘King George’ baler

This year has got off to a good start for Casepak with the upgrade of equipment at our Collections & Processing site in Enderby.

What will a new treatment standard for RDF mean?

Earlier this month the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced plans for a new treatment standard for RDF (refuse-derived fuel). Read more

Casepak’s Christmas card competition

Take a look at our creative Christmas cards designed by these talented little people: Read more

I am dreaming of a resourceful Christmas

During Christmas, the majority of UK households generate more waste than usual. A lot of this material can be recycled and turned into a valuable resource. Read more

Oceala – so much more than waste management

Our partner company, Oceala has a new website – check it out here Read more

Fiendish fun at Casepak …

Lots of fun was had this Halloween with Casepak’s Social Committee organising an activity-packed lunchtime get together. Read more

Honouring Blaby’s community champions

Earlier this month we celebrated local community champions at the Blaby Outstanding Achievement Awards at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester. Read more

Calling Leicester businesses ! Take advantage of our free recycling service!

It’s time to take control of your recycling. Read more

We’re investing in team Casepak

Here at Casepak we believe that staff development is one of the most important factors in operating a successful recycling and waste management business and we would like to congratulate our staff on their training success. Read more

Blaby Outstanding Achievement Awards 2014

The 2014 Blaby District Council Outstanding Achievement Awards will be held on Thursday 2nd October 2014 at the Marriot Hotel in Leicester. Read more

How does recycling fit into the circular economy?

Last week, the Environment Audit Committee issued a new report about the UK’s circular economy. Read more

What does your recycling residue tell you?

The quality of resource that results from local authority commingled dry mixed recycling collections varies. Read more

Going the extra mile … for charity

We’re a charitable bunch here at Casepak and the last few months have seen fantastic efforts from two of our company’s stars. Read more

Recycling and recovery sector is on the up

The UK Treasury has forecast growth of 3.1% for the waste management sector, and 4% in the recycling and recovery sector for 2013/2014 – positive news for our industry. Read more

Glass recycling targets and PRNs

Last month DEFRA announced that it would reduce the glass packaging recycling target from 81% to 75%, with the new lower target effective for the 2014 reporting period. Read more

What does the MRF Code of Practice mean for you?

It’s been a long time in the making, but from October 2014 MRF operators processing more than 1,000 tonnes of dry mixed recyclables a year will have to comply with the MRF Code of Practice for England and Wales. Read more

Community engagement – happy operations

Casepak is committed to community engagement and it plays an extremely important part in the successful operation of our MRF. Read more

Where would we be without the EU’s landfill directive?

European Union legislation and directives have played a huge role in the development of the UK’s recycling sector, and the results we’ve achieved to date. Read more