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Casepak puts The DK Group on the road to zero waste to landfill


The DK Group operates two businesses from its main site in Rugby:

1. DK Packaging – the designer and manufacturer of nationwide packaging solutions

2. DK Packing & Casemaking – contract packers for the automotive industry.
With two factories on its Rugby site, waste material built up quickly and a solution to deal with the excess material was needed. It was important that the company employed to manage the material was centrally located and offered a cost effective solution to serve both sites.


Following a competitive tender process, Casepak was awarded the contract to handle the cardboard waste. Casepak designed a tailored solution to suit the two facilities at DK Group Packaging’s site. The solution facilitated:

The material is then collected by Casepak and sent to its Collections and Processing Facility in Enderby for processing.


Casepak’s solution benefited DK Group Packaging as operations were updated and space on both sites was made available due to waste being compacted before storage.

Due to the close proximity of DK Packaging Group’s site and Casepak’s facility, the material is no longer transported long distance, meaning fewer harmful emissions and reduced overall consumption of fuel for heavy duty road vehicles.

In addition to this, the company was able to create an additional revenue stream through the disposal of its waste cardboard and plastic.

Kim Dutfield, DK Group Packaging’s Director, said: “Casepak offers us a bespoke recycling, collection and processing solution which fits in with our requirements.

“It’s important to us that Casepak’s site is centrally located to our sites, which makes the process more efficient and environmentally friendly.

“Members of staff are all using the new system and have seen first-hand the benefits of streamlined operations.”

Craig Russell, DK Packing & Casemaking Director, added: “This project’s success is a result of great collaboration between DKPC & DKGP to find the best fit solution for the joint site facility. Casepak has brought the immediate benefits of improved service resulting in site efficiencies and transparency to the waste management to enable traceability for both commercial and regulations demands. We are very much looking forward to the next project to move towards zero waste to landfill.”

Vikki Brown, Casepak’s Business Support Executive, said: “It’s always refreshing to see a large organisation take steps to create a more sustainable future while improving its waste and recycling processes.”

The second phase of general waste collection will ensure that The DK Group is on the right track to becoming a zero waste to landfill organisation – something which is important to both the business and its clients.