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Casepak is Leicestershire’s top business

Recycling company Casepak has been named as Leicestershire’s ‘Business of the Year 2012’ at the prestigious Leicestershire Business Awards. Casepak also won the award in the ‘Investing in Leicestershire’ category.

These achievements highlight the company’s commitment to Leicestershire by creating local jobs as well as substantial financial investment within the county in the last two years.

Mark Smith, Joint Managing Director at Casepak, said: “We were up against stiff competition, but this is a real accomplishment and testament to our success as a Leicestershire-based business. We are delighted to be recognised for our investment into the latest technologies which is sure to have helped us win these awards.”

Judges were impressed with Casepak’s £21 million Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), in Braunstone Frith, which is capable of recycling 95 per cent of the material it processes.

Casepak also operates a Collection and Processing Facility in Enderby which processes 145,000 tonnes of paper and plastic every year. Over 99% of all materials that is delivered to the facility are recovered. Judges added that Casepak stood out through ‘extraordinary efficiency’ at both facilities.

Andy Jackson, one of the Leicestershire Business Awards judges, said: “What Casepak do differently is the whole process of recycling. From purchasing the waste from the councils right up to the end of the process where they are able to recycle 97% of recovered material.”

On a visit to the Casepak facility, judge Sue Tilly, was impressed with the efficiency and modernity of the Casepak MRF. “I almost forgot that I was looking at recycled materials. It was very clear that the materials were a commodity.”
The MRF has the capacity to process 150,000 tonnes of dry, mixed material per year such as paper, card, glass, steel, aluminium and plastic. It also has the ability to sort TetraPaks, food packaging household batteries and plastic film – this sets the MRF apart from others of its kind. It currently operates 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and employs the most up-to-date technologies including:

• A specialist screen to divert highly compacted materials between 50mm and 100mm in size, ensuring separation of plastics and cans from paper grades is maximised.
• Three quality inspection cabins, which offer over 50 quality checking positions to ensure material meets the highest quality standards.
• A de-inking screen sorting newspapers and magazines ensuring it is of the correct quality for use of UK recycled paper mills.

These initiatives ensure that the MRF is highly efficient and produces a high quality output which, ultimately, makes the material more desirable to reprocessors.

Since the MRF became operational in September 2011 it has been awarded contracts by Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, Rutland County Council and South Holland District Council. The MRF was officially launched by Waste and Recycling Minister, Lord Taylor in January 2012. The MRF also has an education room to accommodate school visits to the facility.

Winning these awards demonstrates Casepak’s commitment to the county through investment and employment. The Company has had deep roots in Leicestershire since the 1970s and being presented with these awards helps show the positive impact that Casepak has had on the county and local economy.

Casepak’s Joint Managing Directors, brothers, Martin and Mark Smith collected the awards.

Martin Smith commented: “Our £21 million investment in our MRF has really paid dividends by hugely increasing our capacity and efficiency as well as improving the quality of recovered materials. This is in addition to our 145,000 tonnes per annum Collection and Processing facility. It is great to be recognised for this.”