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Neil Carver

Casepak driver who goes the extra mile

Last month while out on the road, Casepak driver Neil Carver witnessed a car accident on the M1 when two cars collided.

Instead of driving on, Neil pulled onto the hard shoulder and called the emergency services. He then went to check on those involved in the accident and found a woman and her two children in one car. He helped them out of the vehicle and offered them his jacket and hot tea from his flask to keep warm. Neil then checked on the driver of the other car, helping to calm them down after the shock of the accident.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident, and Neil’s efforts did not go unnoticed. Mrs Pattison, who was involved in the incident, wanted to inform Casepak about Neil’s courageous actions and contacted transport manager, Tony Price. She said: “I’d like to thank Neil for going above and beyond to help me and my children and ensure we were safe.”

Martin Smith, managing director of Casepak, said: “We’re always delighted to hear good feedback about our employees. Neil kept calm and focussed on helping others in this difficult situation and we’re all exceptionally proud of him.”