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Casepak and SCA win Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council waste contract

Casepak, SCA Recycling and Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council have agreed a new five-year waste management contract which will help increase the area’s recycling rates.

Under the new joint agreement, beginning April 2011, Casepak and SCA Recycling will sort the materials from the existing commingled, fortnightly collection from all of the 110,000 households in Walsall. Materials collected from Walsall recycling centres and bring sites will also contribute to the 28,000 tonne per annum contract.

The contract with Walsall is just one of many earmarked for processing at Casepak’s new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) currently under construction in Leicester. Casepak and SCA Recycling were awarded the contract following a financial and technical assessment of their bids.

Together, Casepak and SCA Recycling will aim to improve Walsall Council’s current recycling rate of 47% and help reach their proposed diversion target of 50%. In reaching this diversion target, the borough will not only benefit environmentally but also economically. Casepak’s new MRF will have the increased sorting and processing capacity and as a result Walsall will gain the best value for money for their recyclable material.

Jamie Morris, Executive Director for Neighbourhood Services at Walsall Council, said: “We welcome this new partnership which will help us to further improve our already very successful track record in recycling across the borough.”

The new contract supports the current recycling collection methods used by Walsall. The council currently accepts: plastic, cardboard, newspapers and magazines, cans and tins, and glass bottles and jars. The Casepak MRF processes all of these materials, so ensuring a smooth transition between sorting arrangements.

Mark Smith, Joint Managing Director at Casepak, said: “This five-year contract with Walsall Council offers an effective solution to the council’s waste management needs, both environmentally and economically. We look forward to working with Walsall over the next five years.”

The new Casepak MRF facility is due for completion in September and will become fully operational during the final quarter of 2011. The MRF represents an investment of £21 million and the facility will feature the latest technology aiming to recover 95% of the material processed as a resource. The MRF will include specialist screening for highly compacted material and additional optical fibre screens to separate newspapers and magazines. Intensive manual quality control will also be employed to ensure the best quality resource separation.