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Rutland County Council

Aman Mehra, strategic director for places, Rutland County Council

“Casepak was selected as our preferred choice through the tendering process and was judged on method, service and quality, as well as price. Our goal is always to seek the best way of improving the county’s recycling rate, whilst also offering a service that is the best value for money. Casepak offered a solution which helped us to achieve both of these goals. Casepak’s new state-of-the-art facility in Leicester was also a key selling point in awarding this contract. The MRF has the increased sorting and processing capacity the waste sector currently needs to meet rising waste diversion rates. This will ensure that our recyclables achieve the best possible resource value.”


Rutland County Council had a target to recycle more than 55% of household waste and was extending its household recycling collections as part of this programme. The Council wanted a company which would take the kerbside collected co-mingled dry recyclables from the area’s 16,000 households. They also wanted to achieve the best value for money for the local authority.


Casepak was awarded a five year contract with Rutland County Council. The contract allows for two, five-year extensions. As part of the contract and with the help of Casepak, Rutland extended the existing co-mingled, fortnightly kerbside collection scheme across the county. The scheme already accepted a variety of materials including mixed glass, paper and cardboard, plastic bottles, metal, food and drink packaging, aerosols and foil. The new contract meant the council could now collect TetraPaks, food cartons, plastic film and selected household batteries.


The council was immediately able to divert a higher amount of waste from landfill, which helped to improve its recycling rate. In 2014, the council was ranked 7th (out of 300) in England’s recycling league table and currently has a recycling rate of 60%.

It is now much easier for residents to recycle more items, in a more convenient way, further improving participation levels.